CSI Ski Swap In Twin Falls
The College of Southern Idaho's Business Club and Outdoor Recreation Center are teaming up to bring Twin Falls the 47th Annual Ski Swap!
CSI’s Thriller
The College of Southern Idaho's dance students will be performing their annual stage production, "Thriller" next week.
Twin Falls YMCA Plans To Close One Location
The YMCA has been a big part of the Twin Falls community for over two decades. As a community, we have relied on the YMCA for our nutritional advice, exercise needs and overall healthy way of life.
Grass Drags In Filer Idaho
I've lived in Idaho for a long time, and this is the first time I have heard of Grass Drags. Apparently, this is a big deal, and maybe it should be. If you are a proud owner of a sled, ATV or UTV, you will want to be in Filer on October 22nd!
Is Twin Falls Rude? [Opinion]
Twin Falls is becoming a bit of a melting pot. Residence from California, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Colorado and other surrounding states are moving their families into Twin Falls. I would like to think that Twin Falls residences are welcoming newcomers with open arms but apparently that isn't …

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