Grass Drags In Filer Idaho
I've lived in Idaho for a long time, and this is the first time I have heard of Grass Drags. Apparently, this is a big deal, and maybe it should be. If you are a proud owner of a sled, ATV or UTV, you will want to be in Filer on October 22nd!
Is Twin Falls Rude? [Opinion]
Twin Falls is becoming a bit of a melting pot. Residence from California, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Colorado and other surrounding states are moving their families into Twin Falls. I would like to think that Twin Falls residences are welcoming newcomers with open arms but apparently that isn't …
Harvest Time Festival in Buhl
The Harvest Time Festival in Buhl is an awesome Magic Valley event! It's a perfect way  to celebrate fall with friends and family.
When is the Harvest Time Festival in Twin Falls?
It has begun. I started my Christmas shopping over Labor Day weekend. Before you call me crazy. I've learned that Christmas isn't nearly as painful if you start early. Did I say painful? I meant Christmas is more joyful if you start your shopping early.
Twin Falls Reptile Expo
I'm totally taking all my friends who are afraid of snakes to this Twin Falls event. Mark your calender's! Reptiles off all kinds are going to be in Twin Falls on September 10th and 11th.
1000 Springs Festival in Hagerman
This is one of my favorite Magic Valley events. The 1000 Springs Festival is held in one of Idaho's beautiful State Parks, Ritter Island. Ritter Island is located in Hagerman. This year, the 24th Annual 1000 Springs Festival will be held on Saturday, September 24th.

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