Top 7 Darkest Christmas Movies
With now less than a week until Christmas you've probably caught up on multiple viewings of Elf, Polar Express, and The Santa Clause movies.
What you might need now is a movie a little more aimed at adults and not 3 year old kids (looking at you Frozen).
When Should You Put Christmas Presents Under The Tree [POLL]
It is interesting to me to watch Christmas movies where the presents are all under the Christmas tree days in advance and there are kids running around the house - and nobody is peeking to see what they're getting. I call baloney! I have 4 kids and if I were to put the presents under the tree t…
Christmas Is Bittersweet for Trace Adkins
Trace Adkins loves this time of year. The rich history of the American Christmas celebration combined with national and personal traditions -- and a fair amount of nostalgia -- brings the country veteran to the Christmas tree as hurriedly as a young boy who has just learned what it's all a…
Is It Wrong To Keep Christmas Presents For Yourself?
When we Christmas shop for our family we usually buy things that we personally like. So it's not unheard of to buy something for someone and then end up keeping it for yourself, but does that make us selfish? Probably but everyone does it.
What Is The Most Annoying Christmas Song
I love Christmas music! But that doesn't mean I love all Christmas music. For every good 'O Holy Night' there is an equally horrible version. The same goes for almost every Christmas song. But... which song takes the cake? What is the most annoying Christmas song?

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