Playing Games with KMVT’s Rise and Shine
Today we put Nick and Danielle Kosir from KMVT's Rise & Shine to the test and played a little game to see if they could tell us the phrases you hear most on a Morning TV News program.  Let's see how they did.
What Was That Quake? Twin Falls Reacts [Audio]
Just before 8:30pm, September 23, Facebook and Twitter blew up with reports from all over the Magic Valley of hearing and feeling a "quake" or a "rumble."  Many posts that I read claim their windows shook, doors rattled and some of you said your pets were fre…
Learn More About Self-Help Housing in Twin Falls and Magic Valley.
Self Help Housing is a group method build where 4-10 families come together under the guidance of a construction supervisor employed by South Central Community Action Partnership to build their own homes. Families provide 65% of the labor themselves by committing 35 hours a week with friend and fami…
Parenting Dilemma: Wake Them Up or Let Them Sleep?
Have you ever had to wake up your teenager in the mornings because they slept in? Dilemma.
I was talking to some other parents about it and they were giving me grief because I told them that I wake up my son in the mornings if he doesn't hear his alarm.
Do You Have a Black Friday Strategy? [Audio]
I was surprised to see this survey that says 41% of people who shop on Black Friday, do so without a plan. I would think that you would want to carefully organize and formulate a plan so you know what you're getting and where the best deals are, in advance.
You Can Get a Free Taco at Taco Bell in Twin Falls This Afternoon
Taco Bell had a World Series promotion where if a player stole a base, everyone in the country would get a free taco.  And one of the San Francisco Giants players did.  So today, between 2:00 P.M. and 6:00 P.M., you can get a free Doritos Locos Taco just by walking into Taco Bell.  There may be a li…

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