After the snow, ice, wind, and rain, it feels amazing to have a sunny day in the 50's. My wife and I decided to wash our car yesterday and it seemed like everyone in the Magic Valley had the same idea. The car washes were packed!

Which brings up an old question: do you prefer to wash your car by hand, or just swing through the automatic wash?

I drive a convertible so I would prefer not to use the automatic car wash, but my previous ride was a member of the Unlimited Wash Club at the Rocket Wash. I love the ease of the automatic car wash, but there's something satisfying about doing it yourself too.

I've heard arguments for both, and personally I think it's a wash (see what I did there? Ha!).

Here are some fun statistics about car washes:

  • An estimated 8 million vehicles a day are washed at car washes.
  • An estimated 38 gallons of water is used for each car that is washed.
  • Winter is the "busy season" at car washes.
  • Saturday is the most popular day to wash our cars.

So what do you prefer? Either way, it looks like a great day to get out and wash the car!