Recently we've encountered a problem in the Morgan household: Jack is obsessed with the TV show 'Curious George'. I like that fuzzy little monkey, but after watching it all evening I'm pro sending that monkey back to wherever the Man in the Yellow Hat found him.

So how much TV is too much TV for a toddler? Baby Center says to look at TV for toddler's like sugar: You want your child to enjoy this seductive stuff without consuming too much.

The article goes on to list several tips like choosing programs not television shows, choosing quiet programs, and watching the programs with your child.

I know 'Curious George', a PBS program, is stimulating Jack's imagination and his learning. The program has helped my son learn new colors and animals, and we spend a lot of time playing George at home (basically Jack pretends to be a monkey--which isn't too far from the truth). But is he relying on this show to learn?

I guess the moral of the story is everything is better in moderation, including 'Curious George.'