One of my son's friends was over last night and he asked for my WiFi password--my WEP Key--so he could use my Internet on his smartphone. I immediately blurted "no," but then I started to reconsider. Is giving friends your Wifi password the modern equivalent to borrowing a cup of sugar?

Don't get me wrong, I like my son's friend just fine, but I don't give my password to anyone. I even keep it secret from my own family and they're the ones using it. It's just easier that way, and a lot more secure. That is the point of a WiFi password after all: to keep unwanted users off of your network and your bandwidth.

Aside from the fact that we pay a premium for Internet access and are often limited by the bandwidth we use, your WiFi password is the gateway to every computer and device on your network. That means all of your personal, financial, and sensitive data. Everything.

I'm under the opinion that's it's not even okay to ask for someone's WiFi password. Ever. So do you give friends your WiFi password if they ask?