If you think buying a sports car and wearing leather pants means you're having a midlife crisis, grab your brick phone and head back to the 80's.  Midlife crises have evolved and if you haven't, it's because you're old.  Not that I'd want to give you a midlife crisis or anything.

A new survey came up with the top 40 signs from today that you're having a midlife crisis.  The top 10 are:

1.  Getting a tattoo.  Now, I have to suggest that if you already have tattoos, simply adding to them, doesn't entirely scream midlife crises to me.  I know a lot of you who've been getting tattoos for a very long time and continue to add to the art.

2.  Getting a facelift.

3.  Getting botox.

4.  Running a half marathon.  I take issue with this.  A lot of us TRY to start working out again when we get into our 40's.  Our metabolism just isn't what it use to be.

5.  Going to a music festival.

6.  Getting your back waxed.

7.  Changing careers.

8.  Buying a fancy watch.

9.  Buying the latest gadgets or technology.  I'm offended by this.  I've liked tech toys since I was five... so there!

10.  Getting into extreme sports.

A few other signs in the top 40 are getting a Twitter account, buying a fancier smart phone than your kids, and buying a juicer.  So go ahead and buy a yellow convertible and let the top down.  If anyone accuses you have having a midlife crisis, just show them this post and enjoy!