I don't think it's any secret that I love Apple products, but you may not know that I rarely buy brand new Apple products. I swear by refurbished products. They are refurbished by Apple to a state that's every bit as good as brand new, you get a warranty, and in some cases you can get Apple Care. The best part? Buying refurbished saves you money. In some cases, a lot of money.

My iPhone 4 is refurbished, as is my wife's iPad 1. Heck, even my iPad 2 which I only bought about two months ago is refurbished. I only paid $315 for it (that's over $100 off!).

From The Apple Store:

Quality products at great prices. Rigorous refurbishment process prior to sale. Covered by Apple's one-year limited warranty. Covered by Apple's 14-day returns policy. AppleCare Protection Plan can be purchased.

It's win/win! The only thing different about a refurbished iPad versus a new one is the packaging.

Right now you can buy a 3rd generation Retina iPad for $50 off. It's not a screaming deal, but it will be. The trick about buying from Apple's refurb store is timing. You have to wait long enough for the price to drop, but not take too long or they will sell out quickly. I waited two sale rounds with the iPad 2 to get the price I wanted.

So feel that there's a stigma about buying a used product, and I can see that, but these are totally repaired and refurbished by Apple. There isn't a scratch on them and everything works flawlessly or Apple replaces it no questions asked.

And did I mention that you save a TON of money?

Buy Apple. It's the best tech available right now. Just don't pay full price. Check out all of the amazing deals on Refurbished Apple Products.