If you have a feeling you're being stalked online . . . like someone's been digging in your email or logging onto your Facebook . . . we have bad news.  It's probably true.

These days, there's a whole lotta stalking going on.  At least according to a new study out of East Carolina University in North Carolina. 

The study found that PLENTY of men and women are cyberstalking their partners.  Only they do it in different ways.  Women are more likely to bust into someone's email or Facebook.  Men are more likely to take a higher-tech route.

 34% of women admitted to breaking into their partner's email more than once, versus 14% of men.

Women were also more likely than men to intensely monitor their partner's Facebook activity and cell phone records.

 But men were more likely to take things a step further.  3% of men said they've HIDDEN A CAMERA in their partner's room, and 5% have used a secret GPS device or software to monitor their partner's location. 

No women in the study reported using a hidden camera or GPS device.

A very small number of men also reported installing a spy program on their partner's computer to monitor all of their behavior online.  A few women reported that they'd done that too.