BOISE (KTVB) – A southeast Boise neighborhood is on alert after a possible mountain lion attack Wednesday morning.

Those living in Surprise Valley say the attack sent a dog to the vet with a puncture wound, but the dog is expected to be okay.

Idaho Fish and Game says they've received calls about the incident, and are looking into exactly what happened.

One neighbor, Marie Biaggne tells us she believes what she saw was a mountain lion in her backyard Wednesday morning.

“Just before I pulled the screen back to let him out, I saw him and he was right here and the color was like a mountain lion,” said Biaggne. “I did not see it's head but I saw the back of his body and of course the dogs came running out and the little one barked and barked like he's never barked before and chased him up to the gate, and I saw him go over the gate and I did not see him after that,” said Biaggne.

Biaggne says there have been other mountain lion attacks in her neighborhood before.

In fact, last May, a mountain lion attacked two dogs on the same street, just a few houses down. That attack killed one of the dogs.

Neighbor Charlotte Murch owns a dog as well and says it’s frightening.

“Having a dog it's obviously very scary and you want to keep a close eye on them and make sure they aren't out there,” said Murch.

She says she hopes the animal injured in this attack recovers quickly. “They only thing I heard is that he's expected to live, I hope that's true, but I heard there were some puncture wounds so I'm not sure how severe they are,” said Murch.