I was surfing during the news last night and saw on the Boise News  that the city is considering an ordinance that will ban smoking in just about all public places, including parks and bars.

I've always had mixed feelings about this.  While I think its rude to puff away at a park while sitting three feet away from kids on playground equipment, I'm not sure it warrants an ordinance.   It's a matter of respect.  Then again, is the ordinance being discussed because of inconsiderate behavior?  I don't know.

What about smoking in bars?  I  get skittish when any ordinance is being considered that takes the decision making away from a business. 

If a bar wants to allow smoking (or ban it) they should be allowed to do so without regulation.  You can make the argument that you shouldn't be "forced" to sit in a bar where others are smoking.  I've got news for you:  Nobody is FORCING you to be there.  You can choose an establishment that better suits your preference.  The same would go for those that smoke.  Don't gripe to me when an establishment chooses to go smoke free.  They want to cater to a certain crowd and it's not you... so get over it choose to go somewhere else. 

What should we regulate at the bars next?  I know... Fried food!  That stuff is soooo bad for you.  Or how about alchohol sales? We all know that too much alcohol isn't good so should we impose a 2 drink maximum?  What happened to letting the business make its own decision and let the consumer choose what they prefer?