Yesterday and today Bobby Brown's interview with Matt Lauer will air regarding Whitney Houstons death. Bobby Brown has taken some heat from Whitney's fans since her death...some accusing him of being a key player in her death. You can read the interview from

MATT LAUER: You had actually seen her about a week or so before she died. You were having dinner with your daughter, Bobbi Kristina. And Whitney came to the restaurant.


MATT LAUER: So tell me how she appeared at that time. What was her demeanor? What was her emotional state?

BOBBY BROWN: She had this - this glow about her that was just, you know, incredible. You know, and I'm - I'm saying to myself, you know, "She must be - she must be doing' really well," because she looked really well.

MATT LAUER: Did you get the sense on that night, the week before she died, that she was happy in her life? That she was in a good place?

BOBBY BROWN: Yes, I did. Yes, I did. Because - because of the way that she was, her demeanor, her - how she, you know, was joking around with, you know, Bobbi Kris and myself at the table. It was just, you know, she just looked like she was in a good place.

MATT LAUER: According to the coroner's report, Bobby, there was cocaine in her system. There was white powder found in a variety of places throughout her hotel room. There were some other prescription drugs found, although not in excessive amounts.


MATT LAUER: But when you heard the word "cocaine," that that was a likely contributor to her death, how did you respond?

BOBBY BROWN: I was hurt. I was hurt… because, you know, me being off of narcotics for the last seven years-- I felt that she was, you know, I didn’t know she was struggling with it still. But at the same time, you know-- listen, it's a hard fight. It's a hard fight to, you know, maintain sobriety that way.

MATT LAUER: You think it was this particular day of cocaine use that killed her, or was this that her body simply couldn't take the wear and tear anymore?

BOBBY BROWN: From what I feel and you know, how I saw her, the last time I saw her, it had to be that particular day. You know, it had to be that one, because that's all it takes… One hit, you know, and you know, it could definitely take your life away from you. And-- unfortunately-- that was it.

MATT LAUER: After Whitney passed away, Bobby, if I heard it once, I heard it a hundred times, and I know you heard it too. Fans, people who say they were close to Whitney, say her life went downhill when she met Bobby Brown. How do you respond to it? And how does it make you feel when you hear it?

BOBBY BROWN: It makes me feel terrible. But you know, I know differently. I think if anyone ever knew us, if anybody ever spent time around us instead of time lookin' through the bubble - they would know how we felt about each other. They would know how happy we were together… And the reality show gave us a wakeup, because we saw each other in - we looked at the bubble and saw ourselves. We was able to see what other people were saying about us, you know? We was able to see that our drug use had affected our relationship, had affected the love that we felt for each other.

MATT LAUER: But why do you think you got the blame? I was reading some blogs after her death. One said, "Bobby Brown killed Whitney," not in the literal way, but in the figurative way. Others said, "Bobby Brown is responsible for getting her hooked on drugs." Everyone seems to point the finger at you.


MATT LAUER: And they say Whitney was more of an innocent victim in this.

BOBBY BROWN: No, that's not true. I didn't get high before I met Whitney.

MATT LAUER: On narcotics?

BOBBY BROWN: On narcotics, no. No, I-- I—I smoked weed, I drank the beer, but no, I wasn't the one that got Whitney on drugs at all

MATT LAUER: So this was a part of her life before you and she got together?

BOBBY BROWN: Way - way before. Yeah... It's just - it's just unexplainable - how one could, you know, [say that I] got her addicted to drugs. I'm not the reason she's gone. …..

MATT LAUER: And it's not revisionist history? It's not a chance of after the fact, setting the record straight in Bobby Brown's way?

BOBBY BROWN: No. I can - I can honestly say that - I love that woman with - with everything that I am… And I believe she loved me the same way. We wouldn't have been able to make the most beautiful girl in the world - without love. And that's the truth.