I'm not sure if they're practicing, or just having a good time, but the Navy's Blue Angel team has buzzed the KEZJ Radio Ranch more times than I can count today. Several of their runs have rumbled the windows and sent employees spilling out on to the lawn trying to catch a glimpse of the jets.

Two of the Blue Angels actually buzzed one of our towers. Twice!

I apologize for the low resolution of the images. I was trying to snap pics of the Blue Angels with my iPhone 4 on the front lawn, and they are fast!

The Blue Angels are certainly building excitement for Air Magic Valley which kicks off this Saturday at the Magic Valley Regional Airport.

Tickets are still available at:

  • Any First Federal location
  • Ridley's Family Market
  • King's Store
  • Rob Green
  • Twin Stop
  • Napa Auto Parts
  • Twin Falls Chamber of Commerce

The Air Show kicks off this Saturday at 11:00am. Full details can be found at the Magic Valley Air Show 2012 official website.