They are going to try selling beer at the Twin Falls County Fair for one year and see how it goes. The Twin Falls County Fair board of directors formed a committee to study the pros and cons of selling beer at certain events at the fair.

The goal is to find a way to increase attendance and revenue for the fair. The committee said other fairs around the country are doing it successfully and they see no reason why the Twin Falls County Fair won't see the same result. Beer sales will be restricted to certain arena events only. It will not be available in the carnival area. It will only be sold from 6 to 10 p.m. during those events. 

After the fair this year, the board will re-evaluate the result to see if it's something the members want to continue. The vote was 4 to 2 to allow beer sales.

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Is selling beer at the Twin Falls County Fair is a good or bad idea?
47.40%  Yes - It's a good idea
52.60%  No - It's a bad idea