Whether or not you'll actually admit it, we all know that even you went "number one" in the pool when you were little.  It's one of those things we try to forget whenever we're swimming at a public pool.  But look around at all the little kids... Yup.  They're peeing.

But what about adults?  And what about athletes? A friend of mine once told me that a hard core triathlete  will wet themselves while riding a bike.  It can save precious minutes... and in races where fractions of seconds count, minutes might as well be hours.

Now we have information that tells us the swimmers are doing it in the pool.

Hard to believe?

Carly Geehr is a former member of the U.S. national swimming team, and according to her, the answer is . . . YES.  EVERY single elite swimmer pees in the pool.

They rarely do it during races, because they're too focused.  But during warm-ups and practice, they do it all the time.  And they'll do it before a race sometimes too, while they splash water on themselves standing on the pool deck.  Now you know.