When you give your child a name, you don't have any data to go on:  You don't know anything about their personality, so you just pick the name you like.  And apparently, the majority of parents think they dropped the ball.

According to a new survey from Gurgle.com, 54% of parents say that as their child began to grow up, they realized they didn't pick the right name.  Here are some of the reasons they gave . . .

26% say they regret picking a name that was too popular.

22% say they had a better name ready to go but their partner vetoed it.

14% say the name doesn't properly fit their child's personality.

11% say that they liked the name, but other people clearly don't, and that's made them second-guess themselves.

And 4% say they flat-out wish they'd picked a different name because the one they picked is NOT working.

The survey also found that a lot of parents second guess THEIR parents' naming decisions too . . . 21% of people surveyed say they'd like to change their OWN name because it doesn't quite fit them.