A week or so ago there was a picture making the rounds on Facebook that was simply labeled "like if you know what this is." It made me feel a little old for recognizing it, but also very young. The photo was of the big metal speakers you used to have to hang on your window at the drive in movie.

When I was a kid--and I mean a little kid--my parents would put my sister and I in our footie jammies, throw all the sleeping bags in the back of the Bronco, pop a gigantic bag of popcorn, and take us to the double feature drive in in Craig, Colorado. I never made it all the way through the second movie, but I remember those being some of the best weekends... until they closed the drive in theater in Craig.

I've never lived anywhere else that has a drive in still in operation. They all used to have drive ins. This is one piece of Americana that we can't loose.

Interstate Amusement is proudly hosting 'The Avengers' and 'John Carter' starting Friday, May 4th at the Motor-Vu Drive In on Eastland. This is the first time I can recall the drive in featuring a movie on its opening weekend, and I am all over this. Sure, there's a 20% chance of rain, but it's worth it.

I'm loading up the kids (possibly in their footie jammies) and taking them to the movies. You in?