Recently sparks flew when legendary country singer Hank Williams Jr. appeared on Fox news and compared President Obama with Adolf Hitler. The spit hit the fan instantly and ESPN pulled the Monday Night Football opening song featuring Williams Jr. and 'all his rowdy friends.' There was some speculation about the fate of the song, but today ESPN confirmed that after 20 years it would no longer use Hank Williams Jr.'s song.

But this leads to the inevitable question: did ESPN do the right thing, or are we stepping on Hank Williams Jr.'s 1st Amendment right?

The 1st Amendment of the Bill of Rights gives us the freedom of speech, but this does not extend to defamation, obscenity, and 'fighting words.' So we have to wonder if that fine line between political commentary and defamation was crossed when Williams Jr. compared President Obama to Hitler on national television.

What do you think? Was ESPN in the right? They said they were protecting the game by removing controversy. Is Hank Williams Jr. right? Does he have the right to express his political opinions regardless if he's a celebrity or not? Sound off! Take my poll and I'll hook you up with 5,000 EZ Bucks just for participating.

Whatever the outcome of this, I have a feeling this Country Boy Will Survive.