With any sport or school activity, comes fund raising.  It's quite simple.  If we want to do the stuff, we have to chip in.  There's simply not enough money to go around to totally fund every group, club, sport and activity.  So... the kids raise funds.  They sell candy bars, pizzas, popcorn and cookie dough.

The office is often used as a place to pitch a fund raiser.  I get asked several times a year to buy something for someone.  I try to pitch in when I can with the idea that it's kind of a 'buddy system.'  I'll get yours today and you hit mine next month, right? Seems fair.

But when I asked my co-workers who don't have kids, I got some pretty strong reactions.  They loathe school fundraisers. They say they feel obligated to buy something and awkward when they turn me down.

And if you're a boss, is it fair to ask your employees to contribute?  What if they can't afford it but they feel pressured?

Is there a good way to bring school fundraisers into the office?