If you own an iOS device (iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad) and have been anywhere near the Apple App Store in the past twelve months you’ve no doubt seen Angry Birds. It’s been sitting at the top of the charts for more months than I can remember and features truly fun and memorable game play. The story is this: there are birds. Green pigs steal their eggs. The birds get angry and vow to get their eggs back. Okay, it isn’t Shakespeare, but in the game you have to use the birds, with various different abilities, to slingshot into the pigs’ makeshift fortresses and get back your eggs. It really is fun. So much so that a real Angry Birds board game is in development.

The game has become so beloved that Angry Birds are cropping up everywhere. The hand-crafted community Etsy is overflowing with Angry Bird goodness. This gallery features ten of our favorite creations.

And bring on Angry Birds The Movie!

Angry Birds is $.99 from the App Store.