As a woman, I have a biological addiction to checking out other women's engagement rings . . . so if your a women you are probably wondering about ANGELINA JOLIE'S new ring.  If you are a man, you want to see if you could, in theory, outspend BRAD PITT.

So here are the specs on Angelina's engagement ring, according to a jewelry expert named Michael O'Connor.

The center diamond is approximately SIX CARATS.

It's an emerald cut.  That means it has fewer facets so it won't sparkle as much as other cuts . . . and needs to be the best-quality diamond.

The setting is platinum.

It was made by a designer named Robert Procop, who worked with Angelina in 2011 to design a line of jewelry to auction off for charity. 

Brad was heavily involved in the design from start to finish.

And, most importantly, the cost of the ring is . . . approximately $250,000.