I could eat cereal for every meal and a decade ago every single person in the country ate cereal for breakfast?  Yeah, that's a distant memory now.

Americans just aren't that into cereal anymore.  And it's not a low-carb thing . . . come on.  We love carbs more than ever.  It's just that for breakfast, we now prefer things like bagels, Egg McMuffins, pastries . . . stuff we can grab and eat on the run.

According to Daily Finance cereal sales keep dropping like crazy . . . even in just the past 12 months cereal sales are down 2.55%.  Here are the six brands that have taken it the hardest.

#6.)  Corn Flakes. Sales are down 3.8% since 2007.

#5.)  Cheerios. Sales are down 6.9% since 2007.

#4.)  Raisin Bran. Sales are down 7.9% since 2007.

#3.)  Rice Krispies. Sales are down 10.3% since 2007.

#2.)  Corn Pops. Sales are down 12.8% since 2007.

#1.)  Special K. Sales are down 15.9% since 2007.