BOISE, Idaho (KTVB) -- If you shop at Albertsons, you should notice something is a little bit different when you go to pay for your groceries. This week, Albertsons announced that customers are no longer required to use their Preferred Card to receive sale prices on purchases. For years, Albertsons customers have used the card to get discounts on selected items.

The grocery chain says it now has Card Free Savings, and all customers will get the discounted prices at check out. Albertsons says everyone has the card these days and it isn't so special anymore, so they wanted to simplify the shopping experience, and that includes offering the best prices to everyone.

If your Preferred Card is attached to a uPromise account you will still be able to have your card scanned when you buy groceries and your account activity will be reflected. Albertsons is still offering gas rewards for Preferred Card users. No decision has been made yet it that program will be going away soon