The CEO of Abercrombie and Fich is an absolute jerk, right?

CEO Mike Jeffries candidly stated that he doesn't want fat people shopping at his stores.

According to this article, they aren't the body type he wants to associate with his clothing...  Period.

He intentionally excludes larger women's sizes from his stores and he only includes large sizes for men in order to attract large, fit athletes.  It's also why they only hire "good looking" people to work in their stores.

I realize that not every piece of clothing is one size fits all and that different products (especially clothing) have their own target demographic.

I read his comments... three times... and I understand the target marketing.  It's the same reason why Lexus and BMW target people who make more money than I do.  I can't afford what they have to offer.  Why would they want to waste their valuable marketing dollars on me? They wouldn't. I get it.

But no amount of reasoning makes me think he's any less of a tool.  Help me out here.  Does he have a point or is he just a big freakin jerk?