CNN reports their is a tie in the first election results.

  • President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, each received five votes in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire just after midnight.
  • Dixville Notch attracts national media attention for being the first place in the country to make its presidential preferences known every four years.
  • The town, which is located in the northeast corner of New Hampshire, has opened its polls shortly after midnight each election day since 1968.
  • Today's tie was the first in its history.
  • The town, which is home to about a dozen residents, has two registered Democrats, three Republicans and five independents.
  • Since 1996, another small New Hampshire town - Hart's Location - reinstated its practice from the 1940s and also began opening its polls at midnight. The result there? Obama 23; Romney 9
  • The results from Dixville are not usually used to determine how the rest of the state of nation will vote during the day.