My son loves to go to Chuck E. Cheese's and I have never thought it was like a little kid's VEGAS, but Denise Keller does. She just filed a lawsuit against Chuck E. Cheese's because she says all they're doing is running an ILLEGAL GAMBLING operation targeted at kids.

Capitol Weekly reports that Denise wouldn't have a problem if kids could win tickets . . . which they can turn in for prizes . . . at skilled games like Skee Ball and Whack-A-Mole. These games are becoming rare at  Chuck E. Cheese's.

Instead, the many games are illegal gambling devices that are games of chance" . . . like ones where you put in a token, a wheel spins, and you get tickets based on its random result.

Basically, Denise says those are nothing more than children's slot machines.

She's seeking an undisclosed amount of money from Chuck E. Cheese's parent company, CEC Entertainment Inc., and also wants the restaurants to be banned from offering those games of chance in the future.

A rep from CEC says they don't comment on pending lawsuits.