Tiffany Langeslay was an assistant manager at a McDonald's in St. Paul, Minnesota.  And she was fired after she unlocked the doors at 3:00 A.M. to let a man use the bathroom.

That man was . . . ADRIAN PETERSON, the superstar running back for the Minnesota Vikings.

Tiffany was working the drive-thru when Peterson walked up and asked if he could use the bathroom.  Only the drive-thru was open at the time, but she recognized Peterson and unlocked the doors.

She says, quote, "He's a public figure.  I know him better than some of the maintenance people that come in and out.  I never thought in a million years that the decision was going to cost me my career."

But it did.  When her bosses found out she'd let someone in after hours, they canned her.

There is some good news for her, though.  This story blew up over the weekend . . . and when McDonald's heard about it, they offered her the job back.

Adrian Peterson, he hasn't commented . . . so we don't know why he was out at 3:00 A.M. trying to find a bathroom.

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