I can't BELIEVE this still goes on in 2012.  I thought schools stopped PHYSICALLY PUNISHING STUDENTS four decades ago.  But 19 states actually still allow corporal punishment in schools, and Texas is one of them.

According to ABC News / Jezebel / ABC 8 - Dallas/Fort WorthTaylor Santos is a sophomore atSpringtownHigh SchoolinSpringtown,Texas.  Last week, she was caught letting another student cheat off her.  So the school gave her an option:  A two-day suspension . . . or a PADDLING.

Both Taylor AND HER MOTHER chose paddling.  So the vice principal paddled her.

But nowTaylor's family is upset.  NOT over the paddling . . . but over the fact that the vice principal was MALE, and school policy is that females paddle females. Taylor is covered in bruises, but the outrage here is that aMANcaused them

So how did the school board react?  NOT by firing the vice principal.  And NOT by banning corporal punishment and paddlings in general.  No, their response is . . . we should get rid of that same-sex policy so men CAN paddle female students.

Taylor and her mother plan to go to the school board meeting to fight that potential policy change.  I NEVER say this . . . but wouldn't it just be easier to file a lawsuit?