Let's call this another side effect of overdosing on Axe Body Spray.  Besides alerting the world that you're a d-bag . . . apparently, you also qualify as FLAMMABLE.

According to Middletown Press on Thursday afternoon, around 3:00 P.M., a student at Middletown High School in Middletown, Connecticut was in the gym locker room just dousing himself in Axe Body Spray.  And he put on so much, it set off the FIRE ALARM.

When the fire department got there, they figured out what had happened.  The fire marshal says, quote, "It was some kid in the locker room using body spray and it created a cloud of mist right underneath the sensor.

"The mist could trip the fire alarm . . . it looks like he used an overabundance, and they said it was Axe Body Spray."

The alarm was ruled an accident, so the kid won't be facing charges or anything . . . he'll just be known forever as the guy who set off the fire alarm and made international news because he was ODing on Axe.