One of the biggest pranks in TV news happened at San Francisco's Fox affiliate, KTVU on Friday. And someone HAS to be getting fired for this.

An anchorwoman named Tori Campbell announced that the NTSB had released the names of the four pilots in the Asiana Airlines flight that crashed last week. And the four names appeared on screen as she read them out loud.

They included: Captain Sum Ting Wong, Wi Tu Lo, Bang Ding Ow and Ho Lee Fuk. (She pronounced it "fook.")

Obviously, those aren't the pilots' names.

KTVU apologized right away but blamed the NTSB and said they confirmed the names. The NTSB blamed it on a summer intern.

I think at this point, we all know someone is getting fired over this, we just don't know who just yet.

I can't believe the anchor or the producer didn't catch it.  And someone had to type the names into the graphics generator for it to appear on the screen.  That copy had to go through at least four or more people before it aired.  You would have thought someone would have caught it.