Apparently we're in the middle of an EPIDEMIC:  Children nationwide are in danger of accidentally being served alcohol at chain restaurants.  So on the next trip to T.G.I. Friday's or California Pizza Kitchen, you might want to test that sippy cup.

First, a week and a half ago, a 15-month-old at an Applebee's in Michigan got drunk off a margarita in his sippy cup.

Then, late last week, a story surfaced about a two-and-a-half-year-old at an Olive Garden in Florida who got drunk off sangria in his kid's cup in March.

And now, it's happened again.  On Sunday in Chicago, a four-year-old girl named Brooklyn Davis was at Chili's and got drunk when she ordered a chocolate milkshake . . . and was served a Kahlua MUDSLIDE instead.

Brooklyn drank some, then complained it didn't taste good.  Her mother Tyree tried it . . . realized it was alcohol . . . and called the police.

They took Brooklyn to the hospital.  Like the kids from the Applebee's and Olive Garden incidents, Brooklyn eventually sobered up and was OK.  But at the hospital, Brooklyn THREW UP from the alcohol.

Another difference between this incident and the two others is Chili's response.

Both Applebee's and Olive Garden were extremely apologetic and are investigating their incidents . . . Chili's actually suggested that Tyree may not be telling the whole truth and may've ordered the Mudslide herself. 

Via (CBS 2 - Chicago)