You should watch this and decide for yourself who's out of line:  The man trying to pick up his kids from school or the officer that won't let him.  My interpretation is that the father of these children wouldn't sign a form, giving his permission for his children to walk home, alone, on a highway adjacent to the school.

Instead, this man chose to walk to school and pick up his children and walk with them.  In this case, the school resource officer and the administration seem to want this man to sign the form allowing his children to walk home.  He continued to assert that he does not need a special form to pick up his child from school, on foot or otherwise.

Ultimately, the discussion gets a little bit heated and he's arrested for "disorderly conduct."

I think we're still living in the United States and the last time I checked, I can pick up my children from school whenever I feel like it.  Forms be dammed.