After watching this video yesterday, we got to thinking:  Why is it always women who seem to be under more pressure than men to look perfect?  While some research suggests that men are becoming more sensitive to image issues,  men still aren't subject to the same scrutiny. 

We wanted to put this to the test so we "photo-shopped" our morning guy Brad Weiser to see if we could make him any better looking.

The picture on the left is not docotred in any way.  (Sorry.  It's the best one we could find)  The image on the right has had some basic work. 

1.  Brad looks like he needs some sun.  We gave him a tan.

2.  The teeth.  We brightened his pearly whites and made them shine!

3.  Laugh lines, bags under the eyes and crows feet are all gone.

4.  Finally, just a little virtual botox on his forehead.

5.  We left the gray hairs.  Not sure why but guys  are considered "distinguished" with a touch of gray.

We wonder... Do male celebrities and models undergo the same type of post production of their pictures or is this a doulbe standard?