According to the Baltimore Sun 19-year-old Nick Ruth of Towson, Maryland was diagnosed with leukemia eight years ago, and beat it four years ago.  His cancer has been in remission ever since.  And now . . . he's also WON THE LOTTERY.

Nick says that for the past year, he's bought a Mega Millions ticket from a 7-Eleven close to where he works.  He wasn't scheduled to work last week, but he bought a ticket anyway, hit five of the six numbers, and won $250,000.

After taxes he'll get $165,000.  And he's not planning on spending it, he's planning to donate to charities like the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Nick says, quote, "People keep saying I deserve it and talk about what I went through, but there's people far worse than what I went through that can use the money more than me.  I'm just glad I can help out in a big way."

Nick is working as a dishwasher right now, and says his goal is to work in law enforcement.  He just applied for a job and he's waiting to hear whether he got it.