Hey, every study may show that women make less money than men . . . but, in the male gender's defense, we NEED that extra money because we don't have the supple, perky breasts that are necessary to get a bunch of discounts.

According to a new survey, 85% of women say they've FLIRTED to get a discount . . . and that's just in the past month.

The most common techniques are hair tossing, eye contact, giggling, and being overly friendly.  The most common places to flirt for discounts are bars, electronics stores and gyms.

And . . . the flirting works. 

The average woman surveyed saves $240 every year, or an average of $20 a month, by flirting. 

And 56% say they've gotten things completely free just by flirting. 

When the flirting doesn't work and they have to pay full price, more than two out of three women say they get VERY embarrassed . . . and 92% will actually leave and go shop around.

 The survey also found the top 10 things that people of both genders REFUSE to buy without a discount.  In order, they are:  Car, vacation, TV, house, clothes, phone, furniture, computer, camera, and cable subscription.