PINE, Idaho (KTVB) -- There are now more than 600 firefighters working on the Elk Complex fire, and they're coming from at least 28 different states. Wildland firefighting crews have been in the mountains every day, like the Tatanka Hot Shots that KTVB caught up with, while they working behind some houses in Pine.

Firefighter Alexis Jagelski is originally from Ontario, Oregon but typically works with an engine crew stationed in Wyoming. Now she's working with the South Dakota hotshots in Pine."It's fun being back," said Jagelski.For the last few days, local departments from around Idaho have been working on putting down defensive equipment on homes and cabins, in case the fire were to come down.

As the firefight continues and crews work to keep the fire away from homes, fire management officials anticipate they're nearing the final total of how many firefighters will be here. But they also say they still don't know how much this all will cost. The estimated cost of this fire is $2.7-million and rising.