Craigslist is one of those glorious, but strange depots on the Internet where you can find just about anything you were looking for, and a lot of things you weren't. Check out the 7 strangest things I found for sale while perusing the Twin Falls Craigslist. These are local goods, and locally weird.

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    Coca-Cola Table Lamp

    This 15” gem features the Coca-Cola logo on the lampshade, and turns on and off. A must for any Coca-Cola collector - $48.

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    Fancy Oak Secretary

    They’re cleaning out the barn in Hailey! Check out this amazing fancy Oak Secretary. It can be yours for $995! Plus while you’re there picking up this gem, check out their collectable rocks, crystals, and fossils.

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    Fun Multi-Colored Couch

    The description claims the couch has “personality.” I think it looks like a crime against the color wheel. But this buffet of colors can be yours for only $69.

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    Scooby-Doo Shower Radio

    Now you can rock out in true Scooby-Doo style with this Salton Shower Radio (although why you would want to have Scooby watching you take a shower is beyond me).

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    Prom Dresses

    Okay, admittedly this one isn’t that weird, but then I came to the first line: “I have 5 different dresses.” Wait, something doesn’t add up. You can only go to prom 4 times, right? Did she have a costume change at one? Never mind. You can get the prom dresses for $15.

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    Crabs On Craigslist

    You can be the proud owner of three hermit crabs, bedding, and food. Melted butter sold separately.

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    New "Ms. Wonderful" Doll

    She's 11" tall, blonde and beautiful. She's supportive and low-maintenance; just the kind of woman any man would want by his side. In addition, she understands how a man thinks and knows exactly how to make him feel like the king of his castle! And she’s only $26.