Everyone I know with an iPad really likes using it in bed, and really likes using it on the couch . . . but truly LOVES using it on the toilet.  Which is why I find this survey so SHOCKING.  And also why I wash my hands after touching anyone else's iPad.

In a new survey, only 20% of iPad owners, or one out of five, admit that they regularly take their iPads with them into the bathroom.

But other than that complete lie, the survey backs up the idea that people really do fall in love with their iPads.

87% of people say they use their iPad every day of the week, and 24% use it for at least two hours a day.

51% say they prefer reading magazines on the iPad than actually holding a real magazine.

And 35% use their regular computer less than they used to.

 The average person downloaded 18 free apps and 10 paid apps.

"Angry Birds" was the most commonly downloaded app in the survey.

 Via (Seven.co.uk)