Taylor Swift took a little heat from some of her country fans regarding some of her recent music; namely "We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together."  While most of you decided to give the song a shot, many of you felt that the tune was not country.

There's no doubt it was a deviation from her "normal" thing but I expect an artist as young and talented as Taylor to test the waters musically.

If "Never..." left you wanting, then you really need to check out Tim McGraw's new song, "The Highway Don't Care" featuring Taylor Swift.

While it doesn't feel quite like a duet, it's a great collaboration and they sound great together.

And how cool must it be for Taylor to get to actually perform with the star who's name is the title of the song that made her famous?

Here's a short sample:

Or you can listen for it on the radio.  A song destined to be this big of a hit will get plenty of air time.