Do your kids even remember a time when a phone required a cord?  Probably not.  Here are eleven sounds that will bring you back to your childhood, while sounding completely archaic to your children.



  • 1

    Rotarty Dial Telephone

    Remember to always rotate clockwise

    I used to practice dialing 911 on our rotary telephone. Little did I know that I was repeatedly dialing 911 from my home.  Whoops.

  • 2

    Manual Typewriter

    I love the way this sounds!

    Because of my horrible grammar, I spent more time whiting-out documents than typing them.  While I love the way this sounds, I prefer my digital word processor.

  • 3

    Coffee Percolator

    Now the only time I hear this is when I'm camping

    We just got a Keurig and I never want to go back!  Then again, this is a godsend when camping.

  • 4

    Flash Cube

    May cause seizures

    Being social in the 60's probably meant this camera was noisily flashing around you.  This was cutting edge technology, you could take four pictures in a row without changing the flash bulb. FOUR!

  • 5

    TV Channel Selector

    Seriously, don't touch that dial!

    Today there are over a thousand channels and nothing on, back in the day the channels went from 2 to 13.  Did you still complain there was nothing on?

  • 6

    Record Changer

    I love those clicks and scritchs

    Before the seven-CD changer, came the record changer. Some jukeboxes are still using this analog setup.

  • 7

    Gas Station Driveway Bell

    Basically a dinner bell for your vehicle's gas tank

    I miss this.  Honestly, I'm waiting for the day that I fill my car up with diesel instead of gasoline.  :-)

  • 8

    TV Station Sign-Off

    Wait, no infomercials?!

    Were their less insomniacs back then with no infomercials to watch? Hmmmm.

  • 9

    Cash Register

    Don't make me do math!

    I did see a real life cash register here awhile back when I visited Tombstone, Arizona.  I swear that sarsaparilla tasted way better because of it.

  • 10

    Film Projector

    That constant tick distracted me from the actual film

    I remember having one of these in my classroom.  I must have had issues concentrating, because I never paid attention to the film, just the constant tick of the projector.

  • 11

    Broken Record

    Needles stuck again!

    Now the only time you hear this is when a DJ is trying to be cool or hip or whatever they call it.